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Materials Used
We have provided the most CNC machined parts made from the following materials:
  • Bronze
  • Copper
  • PEEK
  • Carbide 
  • All Plastics
  • Exotic Materials
  • Various types of castings including aluminum die castings, copper castings, die castings, stainless steel castings, tin castings, etc. 
CNC stands for Computer Numeric Control and CNC machining is a process, which is mainly used in the manufacturing sector. Different machine tools can be controlled using computers. A number of tools, which include routers, grinders, mills, and lathes can be controlled by a CNC machine. A wide variety of machined parts can be produced by CNC machining technology. BDE Inc. is a leading provider of CNC machining services and machined parts and components. 
CNC Machined Parts Capabilities at Infinity Precision.
Infinity Precision. provides personalized CNC machined parts and components. We offer the following machining services:
• CNC Turning and Milling: Our state-of-the-art CNC turning and milling equipment enables us to provide a comprehensive range of services, including face milling, parting, grooving, drilling, threading, etc. Typically, we can turn parts up to 3ʺ X 457.2ʺ. In addition to that, our high-speed vertical and horizontal machining centers can produce highly accurate machined parts that are employed in many industries. We can provide CNC machined parts in sizes up to 24ʺ x 24ʺ x 28ʺ for horizontal milling, and sizes up to 64ʺ x 34ʺ x 30ʺ for vertical milling. We can handle 3 & 4 axis machining with tolerances up to ± .0002 in.
• Electric Discharge Machining Services: Our vast industrial experiences have helped us make a distinction as one of the leading CNC machined components manufacturers in the US. We can offer precision engineered parts that are manufactured using 4 axis EDM cutting. We can meet close tolerances up to +/- .0001. Additionally, we can deliver wire diameters up to 0.006ʺ to 0.012ʺ. 
With various other CNC Machining services, we can be a one-stop shop for all your diverse assembly, as well as sub-assembly needs.  Equipment Used to Make Various CNC Machined Components We regularly employ the following equipment to make various CNC machined parts:
• CNC Horizontal Machining Centers • CNC Vertical Machining Centers • Horizontal CNC Turning Centers • Sub Spindle Technology • Collet Systems • CNC Wire EDM
Typical CNC Machined Parts and Components

There is a huge list of applications, which make use of CNC machined parts and components. Here are some most common applications of CNC machined parts provided by BDE Inc.:

1. Satellite Systems 2. Rapid Diagnostic Test Security 3. Semiconductor Support 4. Internal Computer Assembly   5. Electronic Industry Support     6. Shaft Assemblies     7. Spindle Housing Hubs     8. Valve Bodies     9. Ball Joints     10. Suspension Arms     11. Rail and Switch Gear       12. Thermal Control      13. Fasteners         14. Coinage Die Making      15. Medical Devices       16. Tensioners      17. Box Cases       18. Module Blocks     19. Ratchet Gears      20. Output Shafts


Infinity precision provides a Drug free workplace and Equal Employment Opportunity. Infinity is an E-Verify Participant.

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